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News outlets across the world are reporting that a major data breach has occurred at Michigan State University. The Lansing State Journal reports that a university spokesman confirmed on Friday that about 400,000 records were affected that include names, social security numbers and Michigan State University identification numbers. Apparently, the University became aware of the data breach when it received an email that allegedly attempted to extort money.

Michigan State University was quick to announce that it is offering to pay for 2 years of identity theft protection, fraud recovery, and credit monitoring for affected individuals.

Unfortunately, this is a continuing trend in a world that is now dominated by news headlines that are reporting large-scale data breaches on a daily basis.

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In the unfortunate instance that you or your business has been affected by a data breach, you need to act expeditiously and take the proper steps required by law to alert those affected by the data breach and alerting the appropriate authorities.

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