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Internet Attorney Corey Silverstein Sits Down with WIRED to Discuss Mastodon

WIRED’s Amanda Hoover recently wrote an article discussing Mastodon’s sudden growth, in light of Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter and Twitter users’ apparent frustration with the Twitter platform. As part of this must-read article, Amanda Hoover interviewed internet attorney Corey Silverstein to discuss the legal concerns Mastodon users [instances] must pay attention to. The full article can be read here. Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal director, Corynne McSherry was also interviewed for this story. Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal director, Corynne McSherry was also interviewed for this story. Website attorney, Corey Silverstein continues to advise anyone operating any type of social media presence to ensure that they are familiar with all of the legal issues surrounding managing/operating a service that allows any type of user-submitted content (text, audio, photo and video). About Silverstein Legal Founded in 2006 by adult entertainment lawyer Corey D. Silverstein, Silverstein Legal is a boutique law firm that caters to the needs of anyone working in the adult entertainment industry. Silverstein Legal’s clients include hosting companies, affiliate programs, content producers, processors, designers, developers, and website operators.

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First Amendment & Criminal Defense Attorney Corey Silverstein Discusses Hoax Threats with CBS News Detroit

On November 23, 2022, Andres Gutierrez of CBS News Detroit released an important story discussing the 600% increase in school threats. Among those interviewed for this story were, criminal defense attorney Corey Silverstein, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, and Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald. Attorney Corey Silverstein has represented individuals accused and charged with making alleged school threats and during this interview, he discussed the problems with minors not being psychologically developed enough to understand the consequences of their actions and their complete lack of education when it comes to the lifetime implications of poor decision making. This is a story that shouldn’t be missed and parents should view it with their children to discuss the topic in great detail. The full story can be seen read and watched here

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Attorney Corey Silverstein Returns to TES 2022

Join Corey Silverstein for seminar events and schedule an on-site appointment to meet with the industry’s top legal mind! Cyberspace (June 22, 2022) - Corey Silverstein, the driving force behind Silverstein Legal is pleased to announce his post-COVID return to The European Summit Affiliate Conferences (TES). Silverstein will lend his expertise and insights during multiple TES events. Attendees can also schedule an on-site appointment with Silverstein during the show. TES is happening from August 22 - 25 at the Vienna House Diplomat Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. Register here. Silverstein is returning as a sponsor for the show and will have a dedicated meeting room – Rome, which is located on the show’s first floor – available for the duration of the event. Prospective clients, existing clients, and/or anyone just wanting to say hello can stop by to meet Silverstein. Visitors are encouraged to schedule a meeting in advance of the show by emailing directly. “TES Prague has become the biggest and best yearly show for anyone operating in the online marketplace,” Silverstein said. “COVID may have paused things for a minute, but now that the world is slowly normalizing, there was no way I would miss attending and…

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First Amendment Attorney Corey Silverstein to Appear on ‘For the People’

First Amendment Attorney Corey Silverstein will appear LIVE on KCAA Radio on Monday, October 12, 2020 at 7:15pm EST. Prominent First Amendment Attorney Corey Silverstein has accepted an invitation to appear LIVE on the popular ‘For the People’ radio show on KCAA Radio on Monday, October 12, 2020 at 7:15pm EST. Judge Herb Dodell and his co-host Gary Garver will be talking with 1st amendment lawyer Corey Silverstein about the 1st amendment, in light of the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. Free speech and protests are a hot subject and this is a can’t miss episode of the show. The ‘For the People Radio Show’ is hosted by Judge Herb Dodell and his co-host Gary Garver and broadcasted on KCAA Radio. Per Judge Herb Dodell’s website, “The purpose of the show is to help people navigate the legal system. It provides information as to how the legal system really works, from the inside and from the perspective of a long time trial lawyer (the trench) and Superior Court judge (the bench). It illustrates the principles with real cases and provides guidelines for people who are in the system or about to be involved in it, including small…

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Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Corey Silverstein featured on TV20 Detroit

DUI Defense Attorney Corey Silverstein was recently featured on TV20 Detroit on the television show “Law and Reality”. In this episode, OWI Attorney Corey Silverstein discusses Michigan’s drunk driving laws, their penalties and gives advice on what to before, during and after an alcohol related driving incident. Criminal defense lawyer Corey Silverstein talks about MCL 257.625, MCL.625a, MCL 257.625b, MCL 257.625d, MCL 257.625e, MCL 257.625f, MCL 257.625g, and more. This is a must watch episode for all Michigan drivers.

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Attorney Corey Silverstein Interviewed by is a premiere news and blog website that focusses on second amendment related news, politics and reviews. Attorney Corey Silverstein was recently interviewed by regarding a recent decision by the Connecticut Supreme Court. In the matter of, Donna L. Soto, Administratix (Estate of Victoria L. Soto), et. al v. Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC,, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that gun manufacturer Remington can be sued for how it marketed the Bushmaster rifle used in the Sandy Hook Elementary attack in 2012. The complete opinion from the Connecticut Supreme Court can be found here. The Court’s ruling centers on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that provides shielding to manufacturers and retailers from civil liability in lawsuits brought by victims of gun violence. Amongst his comments, 2nd Amendment attorney, Corey Silverstein indicated, “While I understand and respect the Court’s ruling, I do not have to agree with it. This sort of decision will result in a flood of cases by victims of gun violence and the families of deceased victims looking for restitution from a “deeper pocket” said constitutional attorney Corey Silverstein. “I have always believed that everyone deserves their day in court but this…

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1st Amendment Attorney Corey Silverstein Featured on ABC Detroit

On March 13, 2019, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, released an opinion in the case of Debra Lee Cruise-Gulyas v. Matthew Wayne Minard. In an amazing opinion written by Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Sutton (which can be read here), the Court found the conduct of Officer Matthew Minard to be unconstitutional. More specifically, the Court found that Officer Matthew Minard violated Debra Lee Cruise-Gulyas’ first and fourth amendment rights. WXYZ Detroit (ABC) and Reporter Kim Russell provided incredible news coverage of the case and asked First Amendment Attorney Corey Silverstein to weigh in on the case. The full story can be read here.

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Criminal defense attorney Corey Silverstein returns to “Law and Reality”

Criminal defense attorney Corey Silverstein returns to star in the latest episode of “Law and Reality” that airs Sundays on TV20 Detroit. Attorney Corey Silverstein returns to star in the latest episode of Law and Reality as seen on WMYD TV20 Detroit. In this episode, criminal defense attorney Corey Silverstein discusses outstanding warrants and joins an interesting debate about the current state of the stock market. Outstanding warrants are not a joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Far too many people believe that if they ignore a warrant then it will simply go away as time passes. That type of thinking is erroneous and can lead to disastrous legal consequences including jail or prison time. If you or a loved one believes that he or she may have an outstanding warrant (bench warrant, misdemeanor warrant, or felony warrant) then you need to take aggressive action now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. We encourage you to contact us immediately to discuss your potential outstanding warrant and hire criminal defense attorney Corey Silverstein who will guide you through the legal minefield and get your life back on track. If you have been arrested for or charged with a criminal offense then…

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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Corey Silverstein Featured on Law and Reality

Criminal defense attorney Corey Silverstein was recently featured on the television show “Law and Reality” that airs Sundays on TV20 Detroit. In this episode, criminal defense lawyer Corey Silverstein leads a discussion about domestic violence charges in Michigan and your constitutional rights (most notably the 5th Amendment). If you have been arrested or charged with Domestic Violence then we urge you to CONTACT US NOW to get the best legal representation available. Domestic Violence charges are especially complex and can affect the rest of your life. There are defenses to these type of criminal charges and the lawyers at Silverstein Legal are ready to aggressively fight the charges against you.

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Michigan Legislature Passes Lawful Internet Gaming Act

After years of debate, both the Michigan Senate and House have voted in favor of passing a new online gaming bill known as the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. As of this writing, the only thing stopping this bill from becoming law is the signature from Governor Rick Snyder before his term ends in January 2019. So long as Governor Snyder signs the bill, Michigan would become the 5th State in the United States to legalize online gambling (joining, Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania). The full main bill can be read here. However, it is noteworthy that there are other bills that are part of this package including HB 6420 (Fantasy Contests Consumer Protection Act. The Lawful Internet Gambling Act would establish a division of internet gaming within the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The bill would allow persons of at least 21 years old to register with one of Michigan’s 3 casinos in Detroit or one of the 23 tribal casinos and gamble from their websites. There would be an 8 percent tax associated with online gambling. Applying for a license isn’t going to be cheap because the bill assesses a $200,000 license fee followed by a $100,000 annual renewal…

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