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Scales of justice made from ones and zeros

There are far too many online business operators that are not taking legal compliance seriously enough and subjecting themselves to potential liability.

A commercial website is still a business regardless of the fact that its home is the world wide web, instead of a traditional brick and mortar facility. In its October 2014 Web Server Survey, NetCraft confirmed that there are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today. If you think that governments and enforcement agencies across the world have not taken notice of this fact, then you are kidding yourself. In the United States, federal agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) are prosecuting website operators at an increasing rate with more severe penalties. State attorneys are exercising subpoena power and commencing enforcement actions more than ever before and the United States has not been shy about seizing websites that are suspected of violating applicable law. Additionally, private civil lawsuits in both the federal and state courts involving online businesses and the internet are an everyday occurrence and at all-time highs.

Almost all traditional (brick and mortar) successful business operators make legal compliance a top priority and usually won’t even open their doors for business until they have been inspected and approved by appropriate legal counsel. Unfortunately, internet business operators have been slow to follow-suit and inaccurately believe that legal compliance is not a top priority. This has proven to be a costly mistake to website operators across the world.

Silverstein Legal, led by internet attorney, Corey Silverstein, has been reviewing websites for legal compliance and assisting website operators in protecting themselves for the better part of the past decade. Our website attorneys continue to keep our internet business clients safe from government enforcement actions and private civil lawsuits. Data Privacy, Deceptive Trade Practices, Terms of Service, Terms of Use, and Intellectual Property rights are some of the most important legal issues that should be reviewed before you open your website for business.

Contact us to learn more about how our law firm can protect you and your website from the various laws and regulations that apply to you. Make sure to ask us about providing you with a website legal compliance review and find out where you have potential exposure.

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