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Silverstein Legal is proud to announce that website lawyer, Corey Silverstein has accepted an invitation to speak at Michigan State College of Law, Journal of Business and Securities Law, Vol. 17 Spring Symposium. Internet attorney, Corey Silverstein is scheduled to speak on Friday, April 7, 2017 at 10:45a.m. at the Michigan State University Law College Building, Castle Board Room, 3rd Floor. Mr. Silverstein’s panel is entitled Regulation: The Legal Perspective on Evolving Federal and State Law and the following are the planned general discussion points:

Setting the stage for the afternoon discussion on delivery of legal services and issues from the perspective of in-house professionals:

  • Wyndham Hotels Case implications:
    1. What are the projections following the Third Circuit’s holding that
      the FTC can use the prohibition on unfair practices under section 5
      of the FTC Act to regulate cybersecurity? Is the FTC limited in its
      authority to regulate cybersecurity controls?
    2. What constitutes fair notice that a company’s specific cybersecurity
      practices fall short of what the law requires?
  • What is the status on federal law in the 6th Circuit regarding FTC authority
    to regulate cybersecurity?
  • What other sources of law authorize the regulation of cybersecurity?
  • Who else (state/federal agencies) has authority to investigate and prosecute
    cybersecurity violations?

Website attorney, Corey Silverstein is tremendously honored to have been invited to speak at Michigan State University College of Law and looks forward to engage in an exciting discussion with members of the legal community and law students alike. Since Silverstein Legal devotes so much time to legal issues affecting the internet and online business operators, this synopsis is a perfect opportunity for internet attorney, Corey Silverstein to talk about some of his personal experiences and thoughts on important legal issues such at FTC authority and cybersecurity.

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